Apple App Approval Tips Nobody Told Me About

Ever since Apple published their (remarkably readable) App Review Guidelines the number of ‘Oh My God. My App Got Rejected!’ stories I’ve seen on a weekly basis from iOS developers has fallen dramatically. Along with this, I’ve seen a shift in applications being rejected on technical grounds to applications being rejected on the basis of real or perceived Terms of [...]

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Launching: Boingable

On Friday I came across this post asking for people to try and do interesting things with the recently published 11 year data dump of BoingBoing blog posts. For a long time I’ve been itching to try and use the ruby classifier gem for something cool and I figured that this was my chance. I decided to create a quick [...]

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How To: Install a Custom Site Style Sheet in Chrome

Over on Hacker News, user godDLL created a really nice custom style sheet for the site. Called Comfy-Helvetica, the stylesheet makes the Hacker News site look a little cleaner and more readable (at least to me) – comparison screenshot below: godDLL published the user stylesheet as for Safari, but I’ve since moved onto Chrome and hadn’t previously had the desire [...]

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Google Translate

Techcrunch had an article up today about the alpha release of Google Translate – a “Conversation Mode” speech to text to speaking translator that they hope will be sufficient to help people buy black or brown shoes. Seriously, black and brown shoes are the heart of their demo. What’s most interesting to me is that Google seems to be moving [...]

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How To: Configure WordPress and Rails within the same Nginx Virtual Server

For a soon to be announced project I needed to setup a main website/cms with WordPress and then within that same domain also setup a Rails application. This is trickier than it sounds as WordPress on Nginx has some very specific setup requirements in order for pretty URLs to work. There were also lots of tutorials online about how to [...]

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Launching: For a Good Strftime

A couple months ago @damon and @dacort I were talking about how useful Rubular (a utility website: one page, does one thing and does it well) was and I told them about my idea to make a “Rubular for strftime formatting codes”. If you’re unfamilar with the strftime function, it’s the piece of software that makes dates and times look [...]

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How To: Add a Secret Print Only QR Code to your Blog Posts

I’ve long been fascinated by QR Codes. I originally wrote about some of their less conventional uses back in 2007 and I was part of the team that put QR Codes on every badge at SXSW 2010. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a type of square barcode that’s most often used to hold a URL. You scan the [...]

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How To: Deep Search a Twitter User’s Timeline

In my last post I recreated a series of Twitter posts between myself and Jeff Atwood about what one of the StackOverflow badges was named. Doing so was tougher than it may have appeared due to the conversation taking place last June (7 months ago). Twitter’s built-in search features: only goes back a couple weeks. Google’s search results return [...]

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StackOverflow’s Tenacious Badge is Named After Me

An interesting aspect of StackOverflow is that they don’t require you to be logged in / registered or identified to the site in any way to ask a question (because early on Joel and Jeff determined that having a constant flow of new questions was vital to the success of the site). However, this policy has some interesting side effects: [...]

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I came across this great video today that’s trying to help people wrap their minds around what ubiquitous computing means:

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