Over on Hacker News, user godDLL created a really nice custom style sheet for the site.

Called Comfy-Helvetica, the stylesheet makes the Hacker News site look a little cleaner and more readable (at least to me) – comparison screenshot below:

godDLL published the user stylesheet as for Safari, but I’ve since moved onto Chrome and hadn’t previously had the desire to use a custom per-site user stylesheet, so I wasn’t quite sure how.

Here are the steps if anyone else needs them:

  1. Install the Chrome Extension Stylish
  2. From within the Chrome Menu’s click Window > Extensions
  3. Click ‘Options’ within the Stylish extension listing
  4. Click ‘Add New Style’
  5. Enter ‘ComfyHelvetica’ in the name field and check ‘Enabled’
  6. In the ‘Code’ block copy and paste the stylesheet from https://comfy-helvetica.jottit.com/user-css
  7. Click the ‘Specify’ button and switch the drop down to ‘URLs on the domain’ and enter ‘news.ycombinator.com’
  8. Click ‘Save’ and Enjoy

Your finished config should look like: